Brand communication with young people usually sounds like: «Rave up! Party hard! Go for it!» Well, in a new campaign for a car rental service Uklon, we say: «Come on! If it's not your cup of tea, get a car and get away from places and people that your heart isn't in».
Do you know that feeling when your first date is going down the drain, but you are too shy to escape it straight away? Or when a frankly snobbish art-house movie makes you painfully aware that you are trapped in the middle of the cinema hall for the next 2 hours, but you're too embarrassed to leave it? When the party is such a nightmare that you decide to get drunk not to see it.

To everyone who ever felt that way, Uklon says: «Get a car! Stop caring about what they would say or think! Don't hesitate! Kyiv is huge! And you live only once!»
Client — UKLON
Chief Operating Office — Sergiy Smus
CMO — Danylo Vakhovsky
Marketing Manager — Elena Vasilevskaya

Creative Director & Copywriter — Anna Goncharova
Production — tvlab
Director — Oleksiy Sai
DOP — Ilya Mikhaylus
Executive producer — Sasha Khmyrov
Producers — Liza Bondarenko
Head of Post Production — Maks Zadorozhnyi
Post Production Producer — Nastya Feschuk, Sasha Troschylo
Edit — Yuriy Reznichenko
Post Production — tvlab