Ad Campaign
Kachorovska is a well-known Ukrainian footwear brand, grown from a little family-owned footwear atelier.
Up until now, their brand story revolved exclusively around their product. It is high time to talk not about themselves, but their gorgeous audience — modern Ukrainian women.

Like Ukraine itself, a Ukrainian woman has found herself stuck with one foot in Europe, and the other one is in a traditional society. She is wearing a snicker and high heels at once. She is already a successful businesswoman, though still a femme fatale.

She cares about feminism as well as about her household. Ukrainian woman is two times a woman. Being under 30, with her perfect manicure, she runs her own business and cooks a three-course meal every night. Nothing is impossible for her, and yet her mind is haunted by countless doubts.
This campaign is an anthem and a love confession to all Ukrainian women. They are superwomen, strong, and beautiful. All we want is to make it obvious to them, as well as to the whole world! Who is twice as much responsible deserves twice as much love, joy, and ... shoes!
Owner — Alina Kachorovska
Position — Maria Slenzak

Creative Director & Copywriter — Anna Goncharova
Production - tvlab
Director  - Sasha Stekolenko
DOP  - Denis Duzhnik
Executive Producer - Sasha Khmyrov
Producer - Victoria Zaliznyuk
Head of Post Production - Max Zadorozhnyi
Post Production Producer - Ivanova Daria
Editor - Kateryna Syniavska
Post Production - tvlab