Ad Campaign
We had one day to shoot 39 prerolls for this new Garnier Men campaign. Every video relates to one of the modern man's interests.
Whether our hero is searching for «how to grow a beard» or «why she doesn't watch my stories,» we will target him with the relevant ad on YouTube.
Client — Garnier Ukraine
Marketing Director — Kateryna Zakharash
«rand Manager — Igor Pohorzhelskyi
Digital Specialist — Anna Mizina

Copywriter — Anya Goncharova
Production — tvlab
Director — Katerуna Mingazirova
DOP — Ruslan Mingazirov
Executive producer — Sasha Khmyrov
Producer — Liza Bondarenko
Head of Post Production — Max Zadorozhnyi
Post Production Producer — Olexander Troshchylo
Edit — Kateryna Mingazirova
Post Production — tvlab

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