Ad campaign, fundraising explainer video
STUDY.UA, a private Kyiv-based school, has always been known for its study abroad preparation programs.
But since the war broke out, the school has been shifting gears and providing free classes to the Ukrainian children whose education has come under threat.

As a result, more than 50,000 Ukrainian pupils have been attending online school from Study UA.
While working with children, the STUDY.UA team couldn't help but admire the fighters of the invisible front — Ukrainian mothers. They faced many challenges: explaining things like war and missiles to their kids. Smiling and saying "it's ok" to keep сhildren calm in bomb shelters. Many moms had to abandon their husbands and homes for their children's safety. Study.UA wanted to enlighten their heroism.
“Survival is crucial at war, but so is dreaming!”

We have created a brand film to support Ukrainian mothers, encouraging them to dream on. Of course, survival is crucial at war, but so is dreaming! Dreaming of simple things, like accompanying your child on the first day at school or even making a hedgehog costume till dawn. Dreaming of a happy future for children and a beautiful, peaceful Ukraine. Otherwise, what to fight for?

Since STUDY.UA online school is absolutely free of charge, they still need funds to maintain their business-critical operations. That's why Aid Legion charity has launched a fundraiser to support Study.UA.

We have created a video explainer promoting this project, encouraging the people of the World to help Ukrainian kids to go on dreaming and getting ready for a better future. We used pieces from real zoom classes where kids reflected on their dreams.
Client — STUDY.UA

Agency — Drama Queen
Creative Director & Copywriter — Anna Goncharova
Copywriter — Lera Semenets
Account manager — Yulia Gapon
PR — Marta Kyrylyuk

Production — tvlab
Director — Natali Vdovichenko, Anastasia Feschuk
Motion Graphic — Alina Smelaya
Motion Design — Alina Goluzhenko
Producer — Yana Teranis
Postproduction producer — Ivanova Daria, Alex Troshchylo
Editors — Anastasia Loginova, Dmitro Pustovarov
Voice — Anna Goncharova
Music — CEPASA
Mixing — Pavel Drach

Special thanks to:
Kateryna Mingazirova, Ruslan Mingazirov, Dmitriy Pustovarov, Nastya Havryliuk, Anastasia Safonova, Peter Batanov, Ruslan.D., Gleb Serdyuk.

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