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Aid Legion is a charity foundation delivering aid from the whole world to the Ukrainian defenders and innocent civilians displaced by the war started by Russia on February 24th. Aid Legion is a brand created by Drama Queen in 3 weeks.
On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine. And for the first weeks after the invasion, worldwide media were full of terrifying photos with pleas to save Ukraine. The main media narration called for compassion, fear, and shame of the Europeans living their daily routines while children were dying in the nearby country.
We’ve chosen the opposite strategy for the Aid Legion. We decided to be a no-drama foundation. Optimistic, strong, bold, and even a little ironic. We refused to terrify and ask for pity. Refused to push on the guilt or shame buttons. We knew very well that this kind of communication motivates the viewers from Europe and the USA for nothing but closing the preroll.

DON’T SAVE UKRAINE. FIGHT WITH UKRAINE. The way our country is fighting now gives hope to the whole civilized world. We’ve chosen a straightforward and ironic narrative. Please finish your coffee - we said - no need to give up on your life, get depressed or grab the grandpa’s gun. Instead, donate! This is your best weapon in this fight for freedom and humanity.

“Finally you can be like Gandalf. But for real” — said the explainer video:
When the first shock fades away, every new war becomes “just another war somewhere far away” for most people from peaceful countries. This insight we used for our promo video called “Casual War”: 
“Being sad, giving up on your daily routines or calling Putin'' are inefficient ways to support Ukraine. Helping Aid Legion in any way possible clearly helps much more”, — says another promo video:
Same inspiring and slightly ironic tone of voice we used for the digital communication of the foundation. Sharing only the most optimistic news from Ukraine, celebrating the charity projects covered, and calling on standing on the light side, like Skywalker, but this time for real. 
Branding and communication for the Aid Legion foundation was the fastest project we’ve ever done.