Global Campaign

Once upon a time, the "Roshen Wafers" brand embarked on its first TV advertising campaign to enter the competitive Polish market.


Wafers hold a special place in the hearts of Poles, being among their cherished national products. The country has been the world's leading exporter of wafers for over a decade. As Roshen's first foray into the demanding Polish market, the goal was clear: to convey a distinctive message — "These wafers are delicious." We were there to assist in crafting a communication strategy that would resonate with the discerning Polish audience.


When faced with something irresistibly tasty, restraint becomes an alien concept. We don't stop until every last crumb is devoured. While thinking about this simple truth, we let our imagination run wild, exploring fun situations that happen when something irresistible comes into play. That's when a familiar fairy tale whispered in our minds — the one about a girl on a mission with her grandmother's pies.

And then, it hit us: what if that girl had Roshen wafers in her basket? Delivering those tasty treats would surely turn the trip to grandma's house into a delicious adventure.

In our video, the timeless tale of Red Riding Hood takes an unexpected twist with the introduction of wafers.

Departing from the conventional narrative, our wolf isn't a fearsome beast but just an ordinary guy. Red Riding Hood isn't the innocent girl, typical damsel in distress; she's practically an evil mastermind. And when walking through the forest gets tiresome, there's always Huber (Horse Uber) to the rescue. In the event of a grave crime like the theft of Roshen wafers, real cops step in.

Filming took place in the picturesque landscapes of Georgia. For the night scene featuring the police, a genuine fairy-tale house, straight from Red Riding Hood's grandmother's story, emerged in the heart of the forest. And a medieval carriage rolled in straight from a museum.

Key Visual

We've strengthened the campaign with a key visual, featuring characters from the enchanted forest indulging in Roshen wafers. Even fairy-tale creatures can't resist the temptation.


Client — Roshen Ukraine

Head of marketing communications —
Olena Tarasiuk

Agency — Drama Queen
Creative Director — Anna Goncharova

Creative Producer — Oleksandr Khmyrov

Senior Copywriter — Valeria Semenets
Project Manager — Yulia Gapon

Production Co — 2332 films
Director — Joris Dommels

DoP — Genya Gubrenko
Executive Producer — Olesia
Producer — Khrystyna Prylyp, Masho Tevdorashvili

Producer assistants — Varvara Mudrak, Nino Megrelishvili

1st Ad — Alina Yatsyk

Edit — Gert-Willem Visser
Post Production Studio — m1x studio
Post Production Producer —Maksym Kobzystyi

Colour Grading — Olha Korzhynska

Sound — Baker Street

Music — Suren Tomasian