Strategy, ad campaign
Pethouse is an online pet store boasting outstanding service and pet connoisseurs, a.k.a. customer support team.
So our main task was to get the word out about this awesome store. We started with a brand strategy and developed their first ad campaign targeted at all pet parents out there.
Pet parents, unlike pet owners, truly believe that what they do is actual parenting. They treat their fluffy friends as part of a family. They don't need a reason to love their furballs and will do everything to make them happy. And a happy pet isn't always Instagram material. Usually, that happiness goes with mud, drooling, and fur all around the place. That concept of beast happiness laid into the brand strategy. 
Pethouse, in its turn, is always there to support pet parenting happiness in all shapes and forms. It is making this experience less messy and more joyful.
That's how we came up with a campaign slogan "In mess and in happiness."
The brand film shows the full emotional range of being a pet parent: a fun adventure full of love, pain, worries, and last-time farewells. We shout out to all those pet parents who get it and are ready to live through it all over again.
This video says, "we totally get you, for we are people of the same breed."
We used footage from our friends' archives to bring more life to a film. That's why you can see our strategist there, along with her dog Chuck. Actually, he sort of inspired this project when almost peed the client’s briefcase during a brand session. And that beautiful furry Snow White on a man's lap is Martisha, an actual Pethouse office dweller.
Client — Pethouse
CEO — Volodymyr Kryzhanivskyi

Agency — Drama Queen
Creative Director — Anna Goncharova
Senior copywriter — Lera Semenets
Copywriter — Nastya Sherepitko
Head of Strategy — Anastasia Pecheritsia
Account manager — Yulia Gapon

Production — tvlab
DOP — Denus Dyzhnik
Executive producer — Oleksandr Khmyrov
Producer — Victoria Zadorozhna
1AD — Mariko Becher
Art department — Oleksandr Zhylinskyi
Props — Kateryna Berlova
Style — Liudmyla Konstantynova
Make up — Victoria Martunyuk
Production manager — Vova Bondarenko
Production assistant — Kateryna Shevelyakova
Administrator — Oleksandr Panchenko
Casting — bimba casting
Casting manager — Sofi Pashkual
Location — Natalya Andrieva
Gaffer — Nykola Bulavkskyi
Focus puller — Sergiy Kachura
Playback — Oleksandr Sofin
Camera mechanics — Sergiy Gerasumenko, Sergiy Kachura
Animals coordinator — Nataliia Yurchyshyna

Post-production — tvlab
Head of postproduction — Maks Zadorozhny
Postproduction producer — Daria Ivanova, Oleksandr Troshchylo
Edit — Dmytro Vlasov, Kateryna Syniavska, Natalie Vdovichenko
Color — Valentyn Vernigor
Compositing — Stanislav Ravskiy
Motion Graphics — Alina Smelaya
Music — Cepasa
SFX — Oleksandr Pustarnakov
VO — Anna Goncharova
Sound — Pavlo Drach, Sergiy Cohen
Pet parents:
Lia Knyahytska, Mariya Mishchykha, Sofiya Kroshk, Oleksandr Krovelets, Oleksandr Sokolenko, Alla Poliakova, Vova Chalchinskiy, Maxim Shramko, Yuliia Perlova, Agnessa Cvelodub, Oleksandr Moiseenko, Artem Biliaze, Hanna Suprovych & Oleksii Sobin, Kostya Oleksienko, Sergii Danko & Ganna Deda

Rik, Fox, Tofy, Kutsya, Ireland guy, Prince, Redhead, Shpitz team, Bel, Sam, Bassend, Killa cat, Samoid, Roket, white kitty team, Korsa, Chuck, Martisha