In the entire history of Ukrainian advertising, we haven't found a single commercial project that achieved that significant organic reach, as “Tyolochka” – not that we're bragging or anything… But, hey, correct us if we're wrong!

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Cher17, a renowned brand of women's aesthetic clothing, came to us with a mission to rock the fashion market. But little did we know that this collab would become the talk of the town in Ukrainian advertising history.
Meet Tania Parfielieva, famous Ukrainian lifestyle blogger and the brains behind Cher17. Her Insta blog captures beauty in everyday moments, and she's got a loyal crew of fans. But Tania and her brand want more. Cher’17 aspires to be more than just a store linked to a famous personality. They aim to become an all-Ukrainian brand with a compelling message, going beyond the usual influencer store gig.
We went deep into the world of Cher’ girls, the brand's target audience. During our chats with these girls, one word resurfaced frequently in their discussions. That word was "tyolochka" (comparable to the term "chick" in English). Seeking a comprehensive perspective, we ventured out to talk to girls who weren't sold on the brand, the anti-Cher squad. The ones who think Tania is just another annoying lifestyle blogger. The anti-Cher girls also frequently employed the word "tyolochka" to describe our target audience.

"Tyolochka" is an old-school slang word. Some might say it's outdated, but it still has that zing in Ukraine. It bundles up all the stereotypes that these girls face. People assume they're all fluff, living for Instagram without any substance. Apparently, these girls have it so easy, they must have a sponsor for everything!
But guess what? These girls are way more than filters and hashtags.
They work hard, take their careers seriously, and rock their studies. They're the real deal.

That's when we knew we had to be their knight in shining armor. These amazing girls put their heart and soul into everything, yet they're constantly undervalued. Being called "Instagramable" is another way of undermining their awesomeness. Not on our watch though.
So, we unleashed a manifesto that hit like a bomb. We shouted from every smartphone screen that these girls deserve all the credit and respect in the world. They're not just camera-ready, they're creating masterpieces out of their lives.
In the realm of feminism, we celebrate the idea that women are capable of anything and can be anyone they want. But there's one group that often gets overlooked and we spoke on behalf of them. These girls are the real deal. It's time to break stereotypes and end the bias.
We decided to spice things up with a bit of irony and provocation in our series of prints that highlight the various stereotypes girls often hear.
The results? Well, let's just say we broke the internet. Our video went viral faster than you can say "tyolochka." Everyone had an opinion, it seemed that the country was split into two camps. Some loved our campaign, feeling seen and supported. Others found it a tad annoying. Even the media and ad gurus had something to say.
But the real magic happened on the Cher17 website. Traffic skyrocketed, with a 5.2 times increase in April compared to March. Online orders jumped a whopping 172% (that's 2.7 times more) in April alone. It was a game-changer, making April 2023 the brand's biggest month ever.

We rocked the boat, shattered stereotypes, and made Cher17 a force to be reckoned with. Our campaign was a wild ride. These girls are here to stay, and we're here to cheer them on every fabulous step of the way.
Client — CHER’17
Co-founder & creative director CHER’17 — Tanya Parfileva
Co-founder CHER’17 — Ivan Kryshtal
Creative producer CHER’17 — Eugene Taller
Brand manager CHER’17 — Viktoria Holoborodko

Agency — Drama Queen
Creative Director — Anna Goncharova
Senior copywriter — Lera Semenets
Strategy — Yulia Shyrianina
Account manager — Yulia Gapon, Anna Salnikova

Production — tvlab
Director: Sasha Stekolenko, Liza Ruda
Stage director: Dmytro Kochnev
DOP — Vlad Penkov
Executive producer — Oleksandr Khmyrov
Producer —Lena Vyazovskaya
1st AD — Andrew Kalan
Focus puller — Andrii Karpets
1st AC — Serhii Zakrevskiy
Gaffer — Leonid Sidorenko
Equipment — Patriot rental
Set designer — Kseniia Nebolsiná
Set designer assistant — Leria Riptide
Art.dep — Khomenko Oleksandr, Dmytro Vaschuk, Taras Sygydyuk
Stylist — Svitlana Tsilyk, Yana Savchenko
Stylist assistant — Anna Lymarenko
Make-up & hair Stylist — Vadym Kravchenko, Turadzhanova Nodira, Victoria Martyniuk
Casting director — Lora Ponomarenko
Set photographer — Polina Grebenik, Katia Klim
Admins — Pavel Vorozheikin, Oleksii Klymenko
Location —, @pandora_studio, @iconrentalstudio

Post-production — tvlab
Edit — Anastasiia Loginova, Dmytro Pustovarov
Colorist — Vlad Chernolyasov
VFX — Max Arsenyuk
VO Talent — Liza Kurbanmagomedova
Music — Cepasa
SFX — Andrii Borysenko
Post-production Producer — Oleksandr Troshchylo

Actors: Tanya Parfileva, Daria Kvitkova, Tanya Samburska, Mila Sivatskaya, Daria Lem, Marusya Lukyantseva, Kryvusha Viktor, Gerasimova Galina, Shliak Olena, Zorov Igor

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